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Could earwax be causing my hearing loss?

September 23, 2021

Since earwax seems to be a popular topic these days (don’t ask us why, but earwax cleaning videos are trending on social media), we thought now was a good time to answer this FAQ. Can earwax cause hearing loss? A lot of things can cause hearing loss. Noise exposure. Aging. Certain medicines. And yes, too much earwax. But earwax alone is rarely the only cause of one’s hearing loss. In fact, very few ...

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Hearing aids may positively effect the rates of cognitive decline

September 8, 2021

Today’s blog makes for a rare good news/bad news/good news blog. The first good news is that more of us are living longer than ever. Let’s toast to that! The bad news is, as our population increasingly ages, the rates of dementia increase right alongside. The World Health Organization (WHO) has the number of people currently living with dementia at 50 million — but projects that will triple by 2050. And while ...

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